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About Us

Camping enthusiasts making new camping experiences

Minimal Works

Minimal Works, which started its business in Korea in 2012, provides relevant camping equipment in all aspects. We believe our products with the right function, design and price are only a means, and not the purpose of enjoying outdoors.

Minimal Works provides products and services that help you focus fully on nature and people outdoors by removing what is unnecessary.

We will continue to improve and develop relevant functions and designs as our lifestyles change and become your partners, sharing the surprises and deep emotions we felt outdoors.

Core Value

  • Driven to create gear that are simple & easy

  • Always presenting new vision on the trail

  • Dedicated to creating the optimal equipment

  • Pursuing shared growth as a key player of the outdoor industry

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Lets you focus fully
on nature

The fundamental reason of Minimal Works' existence is to lay a stepping stone for people to access
life outside the home more easily and comfortably, to make those moments devoted and enjoyable
and to create a new side of life that can be relished through the outdoors.

A gear made by
camping enthusiasts

Camping enthusiasts came together to make their own products for real outdoor use.
Minimal Works provides most of the items needed for camping and makes innovative products
based on real outdoor experiences.

Presenting a new vision for your outdoor
experience while constantly creating the
products you need

We will continue to improve and provide products with the most relevant design and function for a
wonderful outdoor experience.

MW’s Peoples

‘Less is better, Good place with good people’
SINCE 2010
CEO&Product Development
Jeong, Byoungkil
‘Respect the nature and local’
SINCE 2010
Kim Gyeongryang
‘Exploring the site and gear’
SINCE 2010
Kang Wonyong
‘Good place with good people’
SINCE 2010
Product Development
Lee Huiyeong
‘Leave no trace’
SINCE 2010
Customer Satisfaction
Joo Myeonghwa
‘Camping with common sense’
SINCE 2010
Son, Daesik
‘Chilling in nature’
SINCE 2010
Lee, Jiyeon
‘Leave no trace’
SINCE 2010
Kim, Yeonghyeok
‘Camping make people calm’
SINCE 2010
Lee, Jeongho
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  • Taiwan

  • Pakistan



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